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The production technology is set with two melting furnaces (melting gas shaft furnace STRIKO 10000t/2500, gas rotating melting furnace PR 2700Al)

Melting gas shaft furnace S-10
is used for melting aluminum waste and Al blocks. The gas shaft furnace S-10 is composed with a melting chamber, and conditioning chamber. After the melting sequence, the liquefied aluminum is pored into the conditioning chamber, when the melted material is ready the furnace is tilted in order to poor the aluminum into bosh either on a casting belt or a gas furnace.

Gas rotating melting furnace PR 2700 Al
is composed of a rotating melting chamber, with an opening cap, oxygen-gas burner, vibrating charge conveyor, dust remover and control panels. Aluminum waste or A1 dross are dosed with the help of a VZV into the hoppers of the vibrating charge conveyor. Once ready the liquefied aluminum is pored by tilting the furnace into a pan for liquid metals.

Any type of gas or smoke produced during the burning process is immediately pulled into a tube system away from the working area to a filtration station.