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Fifteen years ago the SLOVAL Corporation opened its doors. It began the production of aluminum from aluminum oxide, although in non-ecological fashion. Later on the corporation changed to an enterprise where the re-melt of scrap metal was their main operation. In the end Sloval’s functions were abolished. Its production activities were moved to ZSNP, a.s. and continued in the same concept, waste processing.

By the end of year 2006 the company was analyzed for its ecological maintenance performance. SLOVAL didn’t fulfill all the criteria’s, which were put in affect from January 2007. A decision had to be made whether or not ZSNP should invest into ecological devices. They decided not to invest and as a result the enterprise had to close its doors.

The company ŽHS, a.s. then decided to take part of ZSNP’s technology and personnel and find finances, which were offered by the European Union for ecological projects.

A financial analyze was processed based on an elaborate project documentation referring to project budgeting and planed technological and economical analysis. The conclusion of this analyze confirmed the projects reality with a long term investment, although with a significant contribution to the ecological area.

The most important aspect about the project would be that the secondary aluminum waste from sawed, compressed or melted products would end up in smaller companies, to which these strict ecological parameters do not apply. SLOVAL recycles blended aluminum alloys on site in a form which can be sold.

These represent the key entry of raw material for the production of melted aluminum. With this method, the quantity of waste stored and recycled in the industrial park on site significantly reduces the necessity of using transport; therefore the environment on our roads and highways is much better.

After the approval from the Slovakian minister of environment the project realization began with the preparation of a working, hall along with its infrastructure, then moving all technological machinery following with their assembly and modernization.

With the re-building of the working hall we’ve added a totally new filtration system. Both furnaces have new exhausts, Striko 10, with rotation, which creates a clean and healthy working environment and prevents the escape of anything harmful in the air.

Aluminum alloys are pored in blocks, although there is a possibility for supplying them in liquid from. Field tests started in march 2008 under the company SLOVAL, s.r.o.. The company works with 23 employees, at the height of the planned production the company should have 29 employees. SLOVAL plans with a production of 5 000 tons of aluminum alloys annually, in the future it will be possible to increase the production depending on of the market.


In 2015-2016 the reconstruction of the regulating furnace took place. The refractory bricks were repaired and the furnace heating changed from electric to gas. The second investment procedure included the general repair of the filtering device. The filtering station is a crucial device and its proper functioning is fundamental to the operation of other technological equipment. SLOVAL, s. r. o. operates at the medium pollution level in accordance with current legislation. The third investment procedure comprised the reconstruction of the casting belt. This was necessary due to the depreciation and failure rates of the old one, as well as the dated shape of the ingots; their measures, shape and weight were problematic. The reconstruction allowed the company to make better use of the warehouse premises. It also dramatically increased the comfort and effectiveness of the dispatching.


* NEMAK Slovakia, s.r.o.
* ALNEO, s.r.o. CZ
* FAGOR EDERLAN Slovensko, a.s.
* ZSNP a.s.
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